Slider Revolution 6 v.6.2.8 Nulled + Addons

Slider Revolution 6 v.6.2.8 Nulled + Addons

Slider Revolution 6 is a new way to build rich & dynamic content for your websites. With our powerful visual editor, you can create modern designs in no time, and with no coding experience required. Create Sliders & Carousels, Hero Headers, Content Modules, Full Websites, Dynamic Solutions and Special FX with our amazing Add-Ons. 200+ templates are included in our online library. Cutting edge designs. Easily customized.

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Slider Revolution 6

Slider Revolution 6 v.6.2.8 [Nulled] + Add-Ons Plugin is without a doubt one of the best plugin builder plugins in WordPress that allows you to create unique sliders. Currently, in 2019, more than 4,000,000 websites will use the Slider Revolution plugin. We’ve been looking for a great slider plugin to use on our sites for a long time, and now we’re proud to announce that we’ve found the best WordPress slider plugin in the world.

Slider Revolution features:

  • The most professional WordPress slider maker
  • Has the most interesting work environment
  • Optimized and small to use on the site
  • Fully responsive and compatible with smartphones
  • Full facilities
  • Ability to create sliders with plugins graphically
  • Ability to create sliders by dragging and dropping
  • Ability to use video and image in sliders
  • Ability to develop for web designers
  • High security and impenetrable
  •  Optimized Slider Revolution plugin performance
  • The next updates are completely free

The good news is that when working with a Slider Revolution, you’ll feel like you’re working on Photoshop software, because you can place different text and images on different sliders on your site’s slider to move them to your liking. Moving these elements will make it easier to drag and drop the mouse.

This plugin is the best plugin available for WordPress, which has a lot of features that you can use to create any slider, and according to your wishes, put a beautiful slider on top of your site’s main page, or create a landing tab for your site with this plugin. Show off a perfectly beautiful face.

Slider Revolution v.6.2.8 [Nulled] + AddonsSlider Revolution 6 v.6.2.8 Nulled + Addons

In all businesses, it is advertising that comes first. Better and more effective advertising means attracting more users and more users means the prosperity of our business. So if we are looking to grow our business, we need to choose the best advertising methods. Having a slider is one of the best environmental ads on the site, so we need to look for a professional slider maker for our site.

One of the most effective ways to advertise on websites is to have professional sliders. Usually, in any field, even when talking about being a professional, everyone thinks that they need special skills to be professional. However, this does not apply to the Slider Revolution plugin, as you do not need to have any special programming skills to use this plugin. However, you can make professional and attractive sliders.

Slider Revolution v.6.2.8 [Nulled] + Addons plugin is one of the most powerful and popular plugins in the field of making sliders, which allows you to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional sliders for your site.

The features provided by this plugin encourage us to use it. In fact, we are attracted to this plugin by knowing this plugin and being aware of the features of the unconscious slide roller.

Create a slider by dragging and dropping!

At first glance, it may seem impossible for many of us to create beautiful sliders for our site by dragging and dropping, but the Slider Revolution 6 makes this possible. By default, the designers of this plugin have designed slides for us, and when we buy this plugin, we have dozens of sliders ready so that we can use these sliders or apply our favorite changes to it. For example, changing the content, video, or images of your site is enough to just change our mouse and drag our desired options and put them in the option you want.

Slider Revolution 6 Plugin

FREE Download Slider Revolution v.6.2.8 [Nulled] + Addons is a plugin for making various sliders. Having a slider on our site makes our site more dynamic. Sliders allow us to upload various videos or photos to our site.

If we have a store business, sliders are also very useful in introducing our products. In this way, with the changes we make in the site, we can create interesting events for our site in the field of introducing goods.

Introducing products on store sites is very important. In some of these sites, the introduction of products is accompanied by long texts, which unfortunately does not encourage users to buy the product. But if we are looking to sell more of our products, we should use attractive methods to introduce our products, for example, Rollover Slider allows us to introduce our products on the photo of the same product in a very short way.

Slider Revolution v.6.2.8 [Nulled] + AddonsSlider Revolution v.6.2.8 [Nulled] + Addons

Personalize the site with the Slider Revolution

The ability to personalize anything you can think of is given to us with this plugin. In fact, we are the ones who design the look of our site. It is possible to place all images and videos with this plugin in any size. In addition, the plugin also has an advanced slider text editor that allows us to specify the size, color and font of our site’s text.

In addition to all this, we can set a date for our slides so that the slides are published on the dates we have already specified. In many cases, we feel that the images we put on the site are not the right size and we need to change them. The Slider Revolution 6 plugin allows us to resize images and captions on the site.

Responsive Slider

The design of this plugin is completely responsive, so that our users do not have any problems when using the site with any smart device. Our users may sometimes use notebooks or smartphones to access the site, but we can manage all of this through our settings panel in the Slider Revolution plugin, and the items and options we feel are required to display on smartphones. It does not exist to deactivate and delete. In fact, our user sees what we specified.

This plugin is optimized for all devices such as iPhone or Android and you can customize the content of your site on all devices. This means that we specify what options will be displayed on which device, so you no longer have to worry about the responsiveness of your site with this plugin.

We can make personal sliders for mobile phones to our liking. In fact, these types of sliders are only shown to the user if he uses a mobile phone. These types of sliders are designed according to how the content is displayed and fit the screen of the mobile phone.

More information on the official site

How to Install ?

  1. Go to Plugins >> Add New
  2. On top of the page, click Upload Plugin button
  3. If you have a plugin in a .zip format, click  on Choose File button
  4. Select the ZIP file from your computer
  5. Click Install Now button
  6. Wait for a few seconds for WordPress to complete the installation

Download Box

  • Format: zip
  • Size: 6.2 MB + 7.3 MB
  • Updated On: May 20, 2020
  • Version: 6.2.8
  • Tested By XterNull: Yes
  • Password:

Slider Revolution 6 v.6.2.8

FREE Download (6.2 MB)

Slider Revolution 6 Add-Ons

FREE Download (7.3 MB)


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